02 Subaru WRX / Subaru BugSti / Blaze

Hey all. 02 Blaze Yellow WRX, in 2004 Subaru of America donated a brand new WRX Sti to swap everything into this Blaze Yellow 02 bugeye in conjunction with a local Subaru dealership. Along with swapping everything over, 6sp,2.5…, the 2.5 got nearly a stage 5 mod package along with Euro Prodrive rally axles & more. This car was supposed to do a pikes peak commercial for Subaru that never materialized, the car sat on the showroom floor for a long time, then later went into a massive car collection where it was cared for & pampered/serviced. The car sits today as a one owner car with just 27k miles & flawless. It’s never seen a winter day, let alone a rain storm. image

I always liked the looks of the bug-eyed subarus.