03-04 Infiniti M45: Collectibility?

Since all the interesting German cars are now in the stratosphere the fuse appears to have been lit on the Japanese market. I’ve been looking carefully at different models and the one that stands out as both beautiful and interesting is the 03-04 Infiniti M45. A search of the market shows very few worth buying as the majority have 150-200k miles or have otherwise been destroyed by mods. I’ve found a couple for $9-10k that look like good possibilities.

I’m curious if anyone has any thoughts on the trajectory of this car or recent personal experience.

Many thanks -

I really like this era of the M45. They have a very JDM look to them. The later ones look more “Generic Infiniti” if you know what I mean. I’m not familiar enough with the cars to know if they have any major mechanical issues, but definitely an interesting 2000-era future collectible.

I think some of the stuff on the very tail end of the “bubble era”, where you still had a lot of unique designs and features, will probably go up at some point. But this stuff is always a gamble. Sometimes even a special car just never seems to catch on, just look at early Taurus SHO models…