1 of 1 cars valuation


Assuming the same car in the same condition how much extra is a documented 1 of 1 car worth. ?


It really depends on how 1 of 1 is defined. You can get to 1 of 1 on most cars if you dig deep enough. If we are talking one of one by way of a long list of option combinations that is hard to replicate, then at best it is worth marginally more- if it can even be quantified. If we are talking about a car that already has a rare performance option, but then has a desirable color that was only ordered on that particular car, then yes, it is worth more. How much is still hard to accurately quantify. It is like trying to put a price on anything rare or that has limited comparable items, you don’t truly know how much more someone will pay until the checkbook is out.


That’s how I feel. It’s makes for great conversation at local car shows. I would put maybe 10% added value on a 1 of 1 if , as you say, the distinguishing factors were significant. Not something trivial.


10% is a pretty good gut feeling. That’s pretty safe for most cases. Some cars (Mopar and Porsche especially) can have some significant exceptions to the rule, but even then that’s not a common occurrence.


I have a GT mustang. Concurs restored. Been to Amelia island. Judges said that in my case I could add 12-15% because of the high number of options.

I guess in the end most all 1 of 1 cars are high optioned. That’s what makes them rare


Depending on the options, they might be right that there is more to the value. Not knowing anything about your Mustang, I would say that since it was accepted to Amelia Island, that is a bit of a value add right there. Usually the cars they accept are in impeccable condition and have something highly interesting about them.


Thx. It’s pretty nice for sure. Unfortunately the Am muscle car market is so depressed that I need the 14% boost to be in the right side of the ledger. Lol. I love the car so I don’t really care


All cars are pretty much 1 of 1. What matters is the year, model, body style, and engine.

What is it? I’m guessing it’s a FoMoCo product and you just got the Marti Report?


Have owned this car for 8 yrs. had marti report a long time. 69 mustang GT.

I don’t agree. That all cars are 1 of 1 tho.


If you add up the options of every respective Mustang built in 1969, don’t you think a very large percentage of them will be unique? Go on eBay and you’ll find MANY cars that are “1 of 1.”

The “1 of 1” thing is like a moth to light. Does that make your car special? No…it’s the fact that it is a Mustang GT is what makes it special. What body style? What engine? Tranny? Color? Those things make your car special (or not-so-special, i.e. 351-2).

Few cars exploit “1 of 1” to the point where it may help the value.


I agree that it’s not the end all I said so in another post. Amelia island judges ( when they judged my car) said this particular one would add about 12% or so because of what makes it a special 1 of 1. Factory air and tach.


Are judges appraisers too?

A tach is a nice option that helps the value of a car. AC too, but neither have anything to do with the value of “1 of 1.”

Let’s say it’s a CJ car…do you think AC would add more value than the Drag Pack? The market would suggest the latter.


You seem to know more than the folks at Amelia island. Lol. I know what they told me. A rare car is a rare car. This one is particularly rare and restored … by me… to perfection. 996 pts. And yes , the tach and air make it one of one on top of being an Scode. And those things ( air/tach) add to the value. Your reasoning is flawed.


I don’t think anyone disagrees that if you dig deep enough you can get to one of one status. If you buy the Deluxe Marti Report for your classic Ford, it can break it down that far by options. As I had already mentioned in the very first post, it usually doesn’t add much if you are going on a basis of option combination alone. Without beating a dead horse further, significant options such as the Drag Pak and A/C do add value. How much depends on how the base car was set up. Nobody can say to 100% certainty though until actual money changes hands. In this case, the judging at Amelia Island is a tangible value add if he goes to sell some day.


I don’t think this is a competition to see who knows more, but I’ve judged at a concours and I would never claim to be an expert, so why should I be trusted just because I happened to judge?

S-codes are rarer than CJs but it’s not the only GT built with AC and/or tach.

Yet you don’t say how my reasoning is flawed other than to call it that. Again, the value of your car is year/model/bodystyle/engine and maybe tranny. Options are simply cherries on top. If yours was truly the only one built with a certain option, perhaps that could add value, but you haven’t demonstrated that. Would you be kind enough to write what the Elite Marti says?


I’m not going thru this back and forth. I’m watching football. Lol


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We should be about to agree that before ‘rarity’ becomes a topic of discussion, first the automobile must be deemed ‘desirable.’

Then when we move on to rarity, it is generally accepted that a minimum of five (5) criteria are factored in before anything else.
Year, Make, Model, Body Style and Engine*
*Engine to include options such as Ram-Air, Aluminum Heads and/or Drag Pack.

The sixth criteria would be the gearbox type.

it’s after this point that any discussion becomes more debatable. From a manufacturer’s perspective, core options such as air conditioning, emissions and rear axle would be the next logical criteria as they affected the build. However, from the eyes of a collector, original paint color probably carriers a heavier weight, but that’s usually because of the intangible ‘desirability’ of that color more than anything else…

Whenever we quote rarity metrics on the cars in our collection, it is always 1 of X followed by the criteria used to achieve that statement. We also stick with the baseline five or six criteria mentioned above.

For example, if I were to talk about a particular '68 Pontiac Firebird Convertible with 400 Ram-Air II, I’d quote the rarity metric at 1-of-8 built.
If the conversation continued, I might choose to further qualify the car’s uniqueness, but with each claim, there would be explanation. For example:
It’s 1-of-7 with a 4-speed manual gearbox
it’s 1-of-2 painted Raven Black.

Other factory options on the car might be discussed, like hood tach, deluxe trim, sport steering wheel, AM-FM, headrests, fold-down rear seat and rear antenna, however, we don’t consider any of these ancillary options to be worthy of quoting the rarity on…

Does rarity affect value? Sure it dos, but back to my original statement that ‘desirability’ is most important.

And after desirability and rarity, you also are going to want provenance. The combination of these three things is where the greatest value is achieved.

All that said… drive 'em like you stole 'em and there will be no tomorrow. If your car makes you happy and puts a smile on y our face, then you’ve already won any debate about desirability and/or rarity.



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