10 alternative muscle cars and classics that are heating up


Muscle car prices are on the rise, but even if the price of admission isn’t an issue for you, not everyone wants to show up with the same handful of models. Perhaps that’s why we spotted these 10 cars climbing up the Hagerty Vehicle Rating.

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I agree that it’s fun to take something you don’t see to a cruise night and be the only 1 there with that model. My 1970 Monte Carlo is in this catagory. While there are a few out there (see First Gen Monte Carlo club) being that under the skin there a kin to a Chevelle there values are not what those are? And tbh a nicer body (first gen anyway) then the siblings. There are a few examples of this across not only GM but Ford etc. I bet for every main stream muscle and classic car that is widely know there is a sibling that is as equally nice but less appreciated. Some of these would be restored more readily if owners knew they would be respected and values increasing as well. We all can’t drive a 67 Mustang fast back or a 70 Chevelle SS or a 68 Camero SS/RS etc.


I couldn’t agree more! I drive a 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix and like you with your Monte Carlo, I love that my car is a GTO wearing different skin. I always get a kick out of that fact that every time I drive it, I hear from people who for the most part, haven’t seen one in many years. That always makes my day. I would rather have my car over a GTO to be honest.


I have GTO’s and they are my first love. I recently purchased a 57 Pontiac Cheiftain Catalina.
People go crazy when they see this car. And Yes it has tons of chrome.
It has 49000 original miles. Built in Arlington and has stayed in the area all its life.
it still has factory pen marks from the assembly line.

These are super nice cars.


These are all good and worthy of love. But now and then I’d like a little more love directed towards 1967 Olds 442s! I’ve had my red convertible for 50 of it’s 51 years. I rarely see any others even remotely like it. Currently my mechanic is rebuilding the stock 400 c.i. for the first time in it’s life, and adding a slightly stronger cam to produce a little more lope for a bit more of an audible “attitude” in the exhaust note. We’re also adding power 4-wheel disc brakes in order to have stronger “whoa” power to help contain the new stronger “go” power.


Guess my favorite car is so priceless either no one else has one or can find one. :slight_smile: I have a 1971 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ (455). I like all the Grand Prix’s up to 1972.


All nice car, but I would love my 1965 Chevy Impala 2 door ride. I recently had it painted Bronze and boy is it a head turner. When I punch the 350 my custom exhaust Growls. Goose wheels gives a nice look.



Chip Foose might object to “Goose” wheels. They are cool though!


How about the 1964/65 Falcon Sprint, the forerunner of the Mustang.


71-73 Mustangs. This big beauty is finally getting some love. Surely these cars are the best driving mustangs of the era until the fox body…


I drive a '72 Buick Centurion. Less than 2,400 were made that year, and it packs a 455 big block. It definitely turns a lot of heads, and can be picked up for less that $9,000. Well worth a look.


Muscle Cars? Since when? I mean some could be considered a “Muscle Car” but a couple of the others are “Grandma Cars”.


Keep in mind most of these are orphans, support and parts are much harder to find than for standard cars. Interior trim and rare parts are especially difficult. Worth it for some.


I had two 69 GP’s, 1 a SJ 4-speed 428 and 1 J 400 4-speed. I am on your side with those, great cars!!


My former loaded and all original 73 Centurion 455 vert


The GM A-body 68-72 was a great platform for many a great body…here is my 69 Grand Prix 4sp


The mid 70’s grand Prix are also going for a song. here is my 1975 LJ 455IMG_0147%5B1%5D


Not a sprint owner, but a 1965 Falcon Futura owner … and for a small car, originally with a 289 … it has the necessary umph to fly … it is merely 5" longer than my 4 cyl 1997 kia daily driver


Some great Pontiac Love here! Both Pontiac and Buick had some striking design cues that remain current looking today. You also can’t beat those 455 V8’s for their torque!



72 skylark with a GS hood with intake. Have it 29 years now. Hard part is keeping my son from taking it out when I’m not around. I guess what they say is true, “what goes around comes around”.
In the end…its all good.