10 alternative muscle cars and classics that are heating up


Good to see a Ranchero on the list! I have a 61 and haven’t seen any around the Clearwater area. It’s a real head turner wherever I go!


I have a 1969 Impala SS 427. It did not turn too many heads when it was butternut yellow however, since I painted it dark cherry people honk and wave at me all the time.


I see 1974/1978 Mustangs selling for more money and more reproduction parts are coming out for them every year…


Yeah, I could deal with that. A local body shop is building one to sell and
are always on me to buy it. At least I got them to paint it dark blue instead
of wholesale red.

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68 and 69 Plymouth Satellites, Roadrunners and GTXs are no longer 'orphans . . . . . AMD makes every body sheetmetal piece . . . . . You can literally build a new car starting with a ‘fender tag’ and a VIN number . . . . .


@tk442 @margozp Since you are putting up your 69 GP’s up, I might as well include a picture of my 69 Model J.


I love the non-ubiquitous non-Chevrolets. I believe there is an error regarding the 1965 Comet. The 271 h.p. 289 was not available in the Comet. There were two 289s available. those were the 289 2bbl and the 225h.p. hydraulic lifter 4bbl engine. The K code for Mercury is not the same as the K code for Ford. The h.p. 289 was not available in the Falcon either, except for a few Canadian built Falcons.


Great topic, muscle is great but not everyone grew up with or identify with it. I had a 1986 Tbird with 8k miles, black with red interior, that drew massive attention wherever I went. So little worth no one would restore it, but it drew the crowds. Same with my 72 gran Torino. Little power with 351C, but so darned head turning.


You can keep your Nomads, great cars, but I will keep my 57 Ford Del Rio 2 door wagon.


I agree with you. I"m anew owner of a 1961 Chevy Impala Super Sport Convertable, with factory A/C and factory Cruise Control…I cant wait for the warm weather, to take her to some of the car shows…


Not really a muscle car. '68 Skylark Custom Convertible. Original 350 with a 2 barrel. 2nd owner, bought it 25 years ago for 1/10th the price of a Chevelle or Malibu rag top. Love the lines and the skirts. Perfect low maintenance San Diego beach cruiser!




It’s good to see the less common/popular models getting appreciated. I always thought the Cougars were the better way to go: more style than their Mustang counterparts, but all the advantages of the Mustang parts bin (minus the body panels). Plus I rarely see them at car shows or out on the road. That’s why I picked up this '68 Dan Gurney Special model.


I love all the so called different and unique cars. I am fortunate to have a few different ones and all of them turn heads no matter where I take them. I have a 1968 AMC Javelin, a 1969 Oldsmobile 442, a 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass S, a 1970 Pontiac Tempest, a 1970 Monte Carlo, a 1973 Dodge Charger SE this one is my daughter’s car and I have a 1974 Buick Apollo. I love all old classics they all have character. I very much prefer the cars you don’t see often. No matter what car you have get it out on the road and enjoy it. Get our youngsters out there and show them what they are missing they are the ones who will continue to enjoy these beautiful works of art into the future. Drive safe.


How about the 66 Barracuda. I love driving mine down shows and watching all kinds of necks turn. Aint nothing like that big ol back window


1971 Monte Carlo SS one of 1919 built.


I know exactly what these other fellas mean about showing up in public driving a nice, unusual auto, My ride is “Elly,” my 1986 Chevy El Camino Conquista that I bought new in March 1986. Still in prime condition, especially considering 32 years, she still gets a lot of second looks and compliments…and occasional whistles. For the most part, only a few Elcos on the road seem to be in great condition and I’m proud that I have made the effort to take care of mine. Not a “show car,” she is a very nice looking and dependable driver 2-3 times a week.


The 56/57 Lincoln coupe and the convertible seem to be coming up some.


Sweet ride Sir. I have a 65.


That is a sharp ride. You should be proud of that car!