10 best movie Dodge Chargers


Hollywood loves American muscle cars, and its favorite may be the second-generation Dodge Charger. Built from 1968–70, Dodge’s big two-door hardtop, with its covered headlights and Coke bottle shape, appears in a long list of films.

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Don’t forget the 68 Charger in the Fox remake of Vanishing Point in 1997. My favorite car because I own it. Purchased in Las Vegas 5 years ago, shipped up to Canada.


@markhurd123 - That’s awesome you have the 1997 movie car! It would be great to share the story of that one in the Your Stories section, it would be interesting to hear what the car is up to now.


!! What about the Original Car Chase Scene BULLIT !! 1968 Black on Black Charger


Nice charger in Christine.


It was a 1970 Charger


It’s “Bullitt”, and did you actually read the article?