10 classics for under $10k


These are: “CLASSIC’S…!!!”…
HAH! :frowning:


50s-60s Ramblers, 66-83 AMCs. Not on most collector’s radar I know, except the AMX two seater and Javelin models, as well as a few specials (SC/Rambler, Rebel Machine). But us AMC guys have seen them start to gain interest and prices go up because the more popular makes have gone sky high. Price a nice condition Chevy II, even a basic six cylinder model, then price a comparable year and equipped Rambler American. Or a Chevelle vs. a Rambler Classic. Similar cars, big price difference. If you want an old car for a cruiser or to hot rod you can’t do much better as far as price, and they were quality built cars. They do have some engineering quirks, as do all makes, and you have to know where to get parts, but still a good bang for the buck – just like they were when new.


I think for the Mercedes, a R107 (SL) would have been a better choice, a decent one can be had below 10K, and its a convertible. But that is just my opinion.


Maybe take a reader poll before listing these??? Some of these cars, no one liked then…but we are supposed to like now? Many quality issues with the Nissan and the 924. The only ones to my liking here are the RX-7 and the Lighting PU. OK–maybe the Grand Prix…


My company gave me a 64 1/2 Mustang as a salesman’s car in 1964 I returned it and swapped it after a month for a Ford Station wagon !! (4 kids ) Ha


78-79 Bronco came with a 351M engine standard, Which is what my '78 was born with. My dad bought it off the lot in '78 and I’ve been it’s caretaker for the past 30 years. I told my kids that they can bury me in it if none of them want it!


People seam to have forgotten the Ford Maverick 642F9B9A-67E8-44F1-B2D8-3ABB13654A13 My 1975


I 61ECF793-A06F-409A-A9A5-C5EB64FA2513 Love my little car


Fast starting to exceed the $10K mark with current popularity… the 1.7 and 1.8 variants of the Porsche 914 are my under $10K favorite…



As a California car aficionado I like the list except most are post 1975 and must be smog checked every 2 years. Having spent enough money over the last 40 years to but a new car only to fail 2 years later I have given up trying to buy any more collector cars. But I love to dream.


I can’t count how many of those Mazda RX7 rotary engine cars I came across in the mid 80’s while as a cop, where behind some burned out 4-family house or the rear of some abandoned factory in Bridgeport, CT., I’d come across an 80’s RX7 sitting on blocks. The eng/trans & rear were completely stripped out rather quickly leaving everything else intact. And I mean ‘quickly’ as I could have checked out that lot or alley an hour & half previously & nothing there. I was told that the complete drive train was a direct bolt in on a lesser desired Mazda car, can’t recall the model. But I DO recall not just seeing the stolen parts recipient cars, but hearing them as was that unique whirring sound those rotary engines made coming out of those coffee can exhaust tips on them. Countless times one pulled up along side our patrol car at a traffic light, but again, nothing we could do as if I recall right, we were advised that they didn’t have numbers on the engines or drive train that we could track them back to a stolen vehicle. When I say I couldn’t count how many, that’s no exaggeration! In 2nd place on recovered thefts for me, was the mid 80’s IROC Z-28 Camaro’s, up on blocks where wheels, Recaro seats, T-Tops & radios were the quick pulls from them.


LOL funny story. I wonder how many ‘kids’ took their parents garaged rides out to the drags when they were on vacation.


The 66-71 non-SS impalas are reasonable. Bought this one with a 327 for $7000.00


When I was in high school in the mid to late 80’s a friend of mine had an early 70’s Toyota Celica with a rotary engine and drive train from an RX7. I doubt it was a direct bolt on. If I ever asked how it all went together then I have since forgotten. All I really remember now was the frustration of not being able to keep up in my 510!


Maybe not old enough yet but a heck of a lot of fun under 10K. Toyota MR2 Spyder


See this is what I meant by reader input-look at the SS Impala and the MR2 Spider…truly classics at good cost. Even my 88-Turbo Coupe is another good example of good buys…


That lesser desired Mazda was the first generation 626. I recall seeing a 626 around 1985, and was impressed with its acceleration, which I knew for a fact was much faster than my 1982 Mazda 626. When we finally stopped and met, he opened the hood to reveal the 13B…!


The choices were made by data collected by Hagerty, they are not personal choices someone made, as stated at the beginning:
" The rating is data driven and takes into account the number of vehicles insured and quoted through Hagerty, along with auction activity and private sales results. The HVR is not an indicator of future collectability.

If someone were making the choices there are lots of cars that would qualify.

One note on the Jeep CJ-7 article. The CJ-7 eventually replaced the CJ-5. Both were made for a few years side by side. The CJ-6 was a long wheelbase CJ-5, generally marketed to utility companies and other fleet services, not to the general public. The CJ-5 had the wheelbase lengthened (not nearly as long as the CJ-6) to accommodate an automatic transmission and still have adequate rear driveshaft length to become the CJ-7. The CJ-8 is an extended wheelbase CJ-7, and was marketed to the general public as the Scrambler.


I feel the Toyota Supra models deserve mention here. A first quality car with stunning good looks and adequate power provided by its 3.0 liter DOHC 24 valve engine.