10 most expensive Pontiacs ever sold at auction


We miss Pontiac. Named after the Ottawa chief and the city where the company started, Pontiac rarely built the prettiest cars, but many of General Motors’ most exciting models wore the red arrowhead emblem. After all, Pontiac was the standard bearer for GM high-performance from the early 1960s onward

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Did you forget that Burt Reynolds personal 1977 Trans Am sold at auction in 2014 for $450,000 which should have put it tied with 8th place in the top 10 most expensive. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/gossip/la-et-mg-burt-reynolds-trans-am-sold-auction-smokey-and-the-bandit-20141215-story.html


With regards to Pontiac looks, I’ve always felt they were some of the best looking cars of the '60s as evidenced by their being number 3 in sales during much of that decade. I’ve had my '64 GTO Tri Power Coupe for 43 years and still think it’s beautiful and fast.


My 1965 GTO was Tiger gold. Hagerty wrote this article about her June 3, 2014. The article was picked up by a few other magazines. By the way as of today 5/31/18 she still stands proudly in my garage. Check this out.



I’ve owned all the GM A-bodies and they all have there unique styling especially in the drive train! I really enjoyed my 72 Luxury Lemans in high school. I had 78 Trans Am also, great car! I finally got back to my Pontiac roots with a sweet 67 Catalina fastback. Love the b-bodies!

Bring back the Pontiac!


ndweeds -
that s one sweet lookin car !!
Love the color and wheels you have selected.
Hope you enjoy it by driving on nice days…


I am surprised that one of the 8 1969 Trans Am Convertibles were not on the list. Have they only sold thru private sales? I know Pontiac owns one.

Thanks, Tom J


Thanks Michael, it’s a ten footer but it’s fun to drive! Hopefully soon it will get some much needed body work and a fresh coat of paint. This is actually an Earl Scheib paint job from the 90’s! Found the receipt in the glove box.:grin:


@doc001 - You bring up a good example. I spoke with our team and they confirmed you are correct. The Julien’s auction house that sold that car specializes in Hollywood memorabilia and occasionally consigns a car. Therefore the sale of that '77 TA wasn’t in our database when we were researching, but we are updating the text.


Love the Pontiacs, love the Wide Track. Very distinctive styling. Wish I had a stable full of them. For now I will be satisfied with my 1971 Grand Prix SJ. I have owned the car for 34 years and am in the restoration process. Wouldn’t mind a 1965 GTO rag top with a Tri-Power though.


Love the contours of your classic, had a couple of 67 Grand Prix… can’t believe the 67 Grand Prix convertible doesn’t make it being one of the most expensive classic cars being that it was the only year of a convertible. I’ve always believed most cars are over rated in price and not enough credit given to B bodies… o well perhaps one day people will realize how unique they are.


@tjos There have been a few offered at auction, but none have actually sold publicly. We saw one offered in 2010 where it was bid up to $1.1M then in 2016 a pair were offered where a triple white, 4-speed car received a bid of $1.9M and an automatic example received a high bid of $1.4M. If any have sold (and I’m sure at least one of them has) it has been a private sale.


Thanks hraigosa, that’s what drew me to this car, something different! I have a friend that has a 67 Grand Prix convertible, red with white top and interior and the 8 lug wheels.



I had a 69 Lemans convertible my first love with Pontiac. It was red with a white top great for parades or just cruising main street. Only about 5000 were made in 69 wish I had kept it now.


I saw the 1963 Wynn Engineering System Tempest in 1965 at Detroit Dragway, driven by George DeLorean. He had a speed shop in Ferndale, MI called Leader Engineering.
I also saw a similar car at the 1966 Winter Nationals driven by Farmer Arnie Beswick sponsored by Don Gay Pontiac Dickenson, TX. and painted like a tiger.


I am surprised no one pointed out one mistake.
1971 is the year that Pontiac made 17 GTO Judge convertibles not 1970.