10 oddball cars you’ll see in Scottsdale—maybe for the first time


Every year in January, hundreds upon hundreds of cars cross the auction block in and around Scottsdale, Arizona, for almost a full week. Typically, an endless stream of American muscle cars and vintage pickups, along with a handful of high-dollar European race cars, get most of the attention. But there are always a few unique, unusual, or downright funky cars on offer that can fly under the radar. Here are 10 of the strangest cars on offer this year:

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There are some great cars there. A few years ago a “forgotten” junk yard down the street from me had 5 or 6 Packard wagons. I can remember one of the workers getting one of them running. The owner, a former cabinet maker, had apparently bought the Packards with the intention of doing the woodwork himself. He was very fond of his Packards. When he bought the yard it had a 1953 Carribean which they restored and it took a 2nd place trophy in it’s first show. Sadly, he passed away and most of the vintage cars were crushed.