10 supercars from non-luxury brands


It’s the worst kept secret in the automotive industry. Chevrolet will soon roll out a mid-engine supercar version of the Corvette, probably called the 2020 Corvette Zora.

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They’re totally different, but I love the NSX and the GT-R. Both complete game-changers, which forced the competition to totally reevaluate their products and strategy. The NSX put the world on notice with unbelievable usability and driver satisfaction in a jaw-dropping design, while the GT-R’s brute force and laptime dominance for many years made the Germans and Italians look backward, plain and simple.


I guess it depends on what a “supercar” is defined as. When I think of a “supercar”, I think of a immensely expensive attention grabber that isn’t easy to drive or functional; if so, then why bother?

I am quite happy with my Volvo convertible daily driver, and my vintage “supercar”, my Jaguar E-Type Coupe that actually has storage space. She has no difficulty exceeding speed limits as do nearly every car available nowadays.


Yes, it does depend on definitions. Mine is that it’s a car any more-than-competent driver can operate and enjoy, with nimble handling and controls that require some effort, but nothing out of the ordinary, except that its specs must be far beyond normal. The first such “supercar” I fell in love with was the Lotus Elite, which has never really fallen off that perch; a 1200+ cc-engined featherweight with a fiberglass monocoque body and looks good enough to seduce anyone with a pulse. Lamborghini? I could give a rat’s whatever for a Countach or its siblings, but the Urracco got my attention and kept it. The NSX is a worthy heir to that car’s place in the pantheon, being both eminently usable and killin’ it (or so I would expect) in the canyons. But of course so does a well-driven X1-9, so either I have set the bar too low or the cars available to us normal mortals have become … super. Fancy that!


In 1974, I was at a wedding reception at a trailer park clubhouse about 5 miles from GM’s Milford proving grounds. Across the street, under an awning attached to a single wide trailer, was a bright yellow mid engined car. I thought it was a Pantera. Drawn to it like a moth to a flame, I trespassed to check it out. It said AMX lll on it. I knocked on the door, but no one was home. I saw a neighbor outside and asked him about the car. He told me that the guy was a truck driver, and bought the car from a company that hired him to haul it. Over 40 years later, I still remember the kind of 3 pronged knife edge front end and how the roof wasn’t even up to my chest! It made a lasting impression.
A year later, while at Michigan State, I used to go out of my way to stop by and see the 2000GT the Toyota dealer west of campus refused to sell. Another lasting impression!
Brian Murphy


Where is the love for the 1993 RX-7? I own one with 55,000 miles on it (insured by Hagerty), along with a 2000 NSX with 18,000 mile and a 2009 GT-R with 38,000 miles. The NSX is my favorite as it is all good looks and finesse. The GT-R (modified to 650 BHP) is a brute but will out run almost anything on or off the track. The RX-7 is just plain fun! Fast for its time and very well balanced, no traction control a real drivers car.


Good article , I have a c5 corvette ! I love it , but another favorite is 67 xke gsarahs , I’m jealous


I agree…to a point. When I buy cars and bikes I ask myself “what is this worth”.
Certainly a 2000GT is NOT worth a million dollars EVER.
“Supercars” are exclusive and exclusionary. You and I will never be able to buy one so what’s the point ?
Let’s have a supercar for the underdogs like me. Something you can buy that is affordable performance.
Actually this conversation is moot because EV’s are the future and people are already tweaking them for mind blowing performance ( Tesla’s at the drags ) so let’s get out our multimeters and get to it !


You are right I own both cars and there are_no other cars as good. The GT-R is a beast on and off the track and the NSX is fines.