10 sweet bargains from the 2019 Arizona auctions


While people were heaving buckets of cash at Chevy Blazers, Fox-body Mustangs, Ferraris, and even Volvos at this year’s Arizona auctions, there were nevertheless some deals to be had. After all, with nearly 3300 vehicles on offer this year, some were bound to fly under the radar.

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I’m sorry, your comments on nearly all vehicles are on target except on that incredibly ratty BMW 2002. The suspension stance is atrocious, the interior looks like it came from Pep Boys, the grill looks all to much like a BMW 1600, and the engine bay from a high-school clean-up exercise. $5000. too much!


That Caprice wagon was incredibly tempting to bid on. I was seriously trying to come up with good excuses to my wife as to why I bought a car on a work trip… That car was beyond cool