10 Turbocharged classics for boost on a budget


The whine of a turbocharger spooling up and the hyperspace-jump feeling of thrust when the boost hits is addictive experience. Today we’re seeing modern cars with tiny turbos on small-displacement engines to maximize fuel efficiency are common, but not long ago turbos were reserved for performance applications only. Some may argue that “there’s no replacement for displacement,” but to deny yourself the fun of driving a turbocharged car is a big mistake. For those with turbo addiction problems or looking to start a new habit, here are 10 cars with boost that can still be had on the cheap.

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I had a 1985 Dodge Daytona Turbo for many years. It was a blast to drive and very fast.


Like this one?!

My 1988 Supra MKIII Turbo. Zoom in to see KITT style scanner light :laughing:



Fully stock with fresh parts. Plan to upgrade to 450HP kit sitting in the garage.


Fully stock and polished up. Updated with LED lighting, 1300 watt Kenwood and Pioneer based sound system (add after picture was taken).



@mobeing - From where I sit, Saabs seem to be just starting to gain appreciation among enthusiasts who had previously ignored them. The shape is unique, but I can’t say I don’t like it!


Makes me laugh every time I drive it! Paid $1200 and put on 40,000 km with just a little tinkering here and there. Turbo car on a budget for sure! Seen some original owner cars in perfect shape for around $5000


This is my 89 TTA (Turbo Trans Am) one of 15 Cloth interior/Hardtop cars with 4K miles on the odometer. These are great cars that are undervalued right now.


I can well imagine that Saab being fun. I inherited a 81 800S 5spd (na) with my wife and loved that car except it was just a bit underpowered. With good tires it would laugh at Midwest snow, doors closed like a safe and handled surprisingly well.
I also always liked the Mk III Supras, not sure but IIRC you could only get the turbo with the auto transmission. Wouldn’t be a deal-killer for me these days but 30 years ago…?