10 under $10K: December 2017


Almost everybody in the collector car hobby is on a budget of some kind. For some of us, that budget is a pretty tight one. That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of choices on the bottom rungs of the price ladder, though, and some of these choices are getting popular enough for prices to start rising.

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84-98 Z31 and Z32 Nissan 300ZX should be included in this list. They’re values are increasing, but most, in excellent condition, can be found for well under 10 grand.


Oops, That pic is a MKIV not a MKIII Supra


I think the BMW Z3 especially the 6 cylinder versions such as the later 3.0 versions need to be considered. Yes the M roadster and coupe are sexier and are priced alot higher than this list, but a good 3.0 or 2.8 will pull all day long and will leave a big grin on your face at the end of the day…


@turbogeek87 Sadly MKIV is not 10 grand. We’re updating the story.


I have a 1989 Supra turbo in pretty decent shape. I rebuilt the 7M motor, making sure to put in a metal head gasket and ARP head studs for boosting fun. Bigger turbo, intercooler, injectors, MAF, exhaust, the works. The R154 5-speed manual transmission is bulletproof. Targa roof means great open top cruising in 80’s style. Insured with Hagerty for $10,000.

Doesn’t hold a candle to the 94 Supra turbo sitting next to it in the garage, but for the price, I can’t complain!



You missed the 1995-1999 Buick Rivera, I have had one for the past 10 years, with 139,000 miles now. The Supercharged 3.5 V6 is very nice to drive, with all the amenities including heated seats and mirrors. Currently only worth about $2,000 it can only appreciate, and there being Rivera Club of America even drives the price up more. Every time I stop for gas or have the car washed I get compliments on the look of the car to this day.


Recently picked up a 98 2 door Tahoe with elusive 6.5L turbo diesel. Assuming that will only escalate and value, since I cannot stop at the fuel station without someone trying to purchase it.


I recently picked up a true sleeper. 78 Mercury Monarch 2 dr. factory 5.0/4-speed car/A-C/ factory AM-FM-8TRACK that works perfect. These cars are just a Mustang with a square body. Most of them went to the smasher, but there are some sweet ones out there. I paid $4200




I am surprised the 87-91 what I call MoonCruiser Bronco is valued the same as the 78-79 Bronco’s. Both are nice but I would take the 78-79 for style alone. My brother has a nice low mileage 91 Mark VII that is a nice ride and think is nicer than the 93-98. I am just hoping my low mileage loaded 2008 stored away red Sport Trac Adrenaline will keep going up in value.


Turn-of-the-century Porsche Boxster (and higher performance Boxster S) have appeared on Car&Driver’s “10 Best” list every year since their introduction. Currently, that’s 19 years in a row! Condition has to be utterly superb for turn-of-the century Boxsters to cost $10k.


Lets start thinking about the old bullet proof International Scouts. With early 4x4’s moving up, how about the H2 Hummers. I have a base model, but i see some real cool customized examples, and they sell a bunch of customizing products on line, including carbon fiber interior trims.


I just bought a '95 Bronco in pristine condition. Everything but the cruise control works perfectly and it’s in those 90s iconic colors of teal and white. Paid $5000 for the beast and I was surprised that you cut off the discussion of Broncos at '91.


So then does anybody know a good place to start looking for a Datsun 510?

I love them and when I was a kid we had a Datsun Wagon, not sure it was a 510 but in my memory it looks a lot like one. problem is they seem to be hard to find, i’ll grant that northeast Ohio is not a hot bed of Datsun activity but i’d be willing to road trip if a decent one could be found…


You didn’t mention the 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII Collectors Edition. They only made 1326 CE’s, the last run for MK VIII’s. Most people think the 4.6, 32 valve engine is a Mustang engine. MK VIII had these engines in 1993, mustangs got them in 1996. It’s a very sporty car, with plenty of power, and gets good mileage, my best was 29 mpg. Parts are getting harder to find, and new parts do not exsist, after all they are 20 years old. One of my MK VIII’s I’ve had for 18 years, still runs great, and looks fantastic. Once you drive one, you’ll want one.

Picture of my CE that took 2nd place at the Ford Nationals 2017


I am surprised that nobody even considers the FC RX7 convertible. It is such a bargain! Fun car, especially manual, great convertible with top up or down, and loaded for a car of it time.


I nominate the 71-72 Honda Z600 coupe. Nice cars can be found for 6-10k,and restorable running low as 1k. Fun to drive, and easy to work on


The Lincoln mark VII & VIII have a large following of hot rodders. They are very easy to modify and I know many of them that run in the low 10.s and even 9"s! Both models have large clubs across the country. These cars are extremely fun to drive. When they were new, they were lightyears ahead of the times. They really don"t get the respect that they deserve and probably will never make true collector status. what a shame! I’m glad Hagerty takes into consideration of modifications when insuring these cars .


90 - 96 300ZX, its not perfect (big criticism is that its a tad heavy, but to me, this helps makes it a great GT). Some love it, some hate it. But drive one–NA or TT–on a nice day and you’ll be smitten.