10 under $10K: December 2017


I totally agree with migech…Hagerty seems to always over-look Mazda’s. I raced two different generations of RX7’s for 20 years…bullet proof cars, so reliable. I still own a '93 FD RX7 R1, best car I’ve ever restored. The first and second gen RX7’s are still out there at great prices…and the 2nd gen convertible is a steal. The 3rd gen is climbing slowly…someday the car world will recognize the FD as a milestone car. It took awhile to recognize the first gen XKE as a milestone car, I restored a '67 roadster…bought my first house from it’s sale!..When the XKE received Milestone status the price climbed quickly, so don’t hesitate too long…get a Mazda while you can!


Surprising, the first car in the list is the Mark VIII. I have owned six of these Mark VIII gen 2. !997 and 1998. Pic below of 2 I had at once. The best part of the car is the 32 V 4.6 L v8. Nothing sounds as smooth as this engine.

Unfortunately, it is matched to the worst transmission ever, the infamous Ford AODE 4R70W with the plethora of problems such as converter shudder, valve body issues and ratios spaced out to make EPA happy.

Then, the suspension air compressor grunts and groans to keep leaky bladders topped off, until it dies and the car would revert to a cat in heat position when the front bags collapse. I had converted a silver LSC that I had as a daily driver, it was OK but it bottomed out on the slights bump.

Then you have the HID light bulbs, sylvania made a few in a lab just to meet the assembly line requirements, they are out of production and the same goes for the neon tube that lights up the tail end space on trunk.

All in all, I love the shape and the dash layout with the center computer display but the doors weighed as much as a skoda or trabant. But, I shifted my focus to real collectibles like the R107 SL & SLC and the R129 SL500 and the dash 8.


The MK I Scirocco was acclaimed by all of the enthusiast magazines in the 70’s…It was lightweight, fuel efficient, handled wonderfully and looked fantastic…Today good examples are extremely rare. I’m the proud owner of an 81 Scirocco S and nominate it as a rising star


I had a new Lincoln Mark VIII in '98. It was the finest automobile I’ve ever had.
Loved that car.


Here here! I am the proud owner of a 2001 BMW Z3 2.5 roadster. Love it—always leaves me smiling.


I have long been a fan of the Scirocco styling, as quirky as it is. Good examples are just getting so darned hard to find!




And here is another 1981-1989 280 & 300Z Datsun/Nissan coming up in April 2018 in Houston, TX

Hagery Writers need to do there HOME WORK.


@rkalter - The Z car market is one we have had our eye in for some time. They certainly are trending up as you noted, and we have called it out in the past that the good examples are getting picked up quickly these days.


My ‘Choice’ for under 10grand?? a 2001 BMW 750iL w/that beautiful V12, 'tis a 4-door with the Sport Pkg


those wheels are lovely :heart_eyes:


I like the 92-96 Broncos. I would take them over the 87-91’s any day.


Well under 10 grand? NOT! Check the latest Jeff, the majority in excellent condition are well above in the 12-15 grand. Those in fair cond yes, under.


Most Z31s can be bought for $7500 or less. Most Z32s before 1994 can be bought for 5-10 grand. My son has an 87 and it’s worth around 5 with a rebuilt engine, good interior and new paint. Sure, if it’s in excellent condition, then, of course it’s worth more, but what do you mean by excellent?


That’s 87 or 88 2+2 Four-seaters are generally not worth as much as the coupes, but both are gaining in value.