10 undervalued British classics


It’s no secret that vintage BMW and Porsche prices have had a strong go of it the past few years, as have many classic and modern Japanese performance cars. British car values have generally been flatter than other segments of the market. That’s a shame, because there are quite a few English vehicles out there that are rare, gorgeous, fast, interesting, or a combination of all four yet remain temptingly cheap compared to some of their rivals (even if you believe the stereotype that they are more likely to leave you stranded).

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Interesting take on the British classics. While I agree with most of the list, I can’t help but wonder why the VERY affordable early Jaguar XK8 doesn’t make your list. I just purchased a beautiful '97 convertible for $4300, that needs nothing to be enjoyed as is, and with a small amout of expense and a little hands on detailing will be almost perfect.


I was a little surprised that MK II and later MG Midgets and Mk III through Mk IV Sprites weren’t included, but the other choices were good ones and offered some real value.


I find it ironic that the Rolls made the list but then under the Mark X Jaguar, the Mark VII - Mark IX,which are similar cars to the RR and made to compete in the market segment, are disparaged. The RR sold for 2X the price of the Jag VII - IX when new, but the RR had comparatively anemic performance, and is worth less than the Jag today. The Mark IX sported 250HP from the 3.8L DOHC 6 cyl. It is an elegant saloon.


I currently own a 1985 TVR 280i. Compared to many collectible cars they are down right cheap. I suspect the wedge styling does not appeal to many folks. Compared to previous TVR’s they are luxurious. Leather seats, electric windows, electric pop up headlamps,electric antenna lift, three position top, fuel injection, and even factory AC. Not overpowered but great handling.The sales I have seen in the last years for decent cars has been around $10K. I think the front of the pictured car has been customized as all cars had front bumpers, early ones like mine have somewhat unattractive rubber units and the later 86 models had more attractive fiberglass ones. I also noted the 77 MGB picture is not correct as all 85 to 1980 MGB’s had the black “rubber bumpers”. It is not all that difficult to convert these MG’s back to chrome grills and bumpers.


Sorry, typo:
Should have been "1975 to 1980 MGB’s.


The Esprits are great cars for the money. I have owned a '93 SE for 10 years now and it has never let me down. They out perform there contemporary super cars and get more attention at car events because they are so rarely seen. They also don’t carry the snob stigma of a Porsche or Ferrari. If you like to do your own work, there is great parts support and online knowledge to assist. The ECU is easy to access and you can record all engine parameters during a test run for analysis. The only down side is that Lotus made so few that finding one close to home is likely to be a challenge.


I like the 6 cylinder Jaguar XJS. (I would not want to own the 12 cylinder). One can find good examples of those real cheap. They draw lots of attention.


Hello I’m Frank I own a 1990 xjs 12 cylinder it’s one of the most beautiful cars i have ever owned. I get plenty of compliments every time I take her out and shes a pleasure on the open road I can feel those 12 cylinders once I pass 75 MPH however I dont know why the value is not more than it is I have been tryi ng to sell her and my best offer was only 6500 why is the value so low on these beautiful works of art ?? anyone out there give me a reasonable answer thx…Frank