10 vintage American vans that will steal the show at Mecum’s Las Vegas auction


Mecum’s upcoming Las Vegas auction is kicking off once more, complete with its usual gearhead-recommended dosage of classic muscle cars, vintage boulevard cruisers, hot rods, and exotic performance. There are also 10 custom vans. Absurd, garish, outlandish, positively mouth-watering American vans. That’s Barry Lefroy’s handiwork.

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These Vans are awesome! I’m intrigued to see what they sell for.


As ionic as ‘some’ might think they may be… those mid-70’s, 80’s, and 90’s Vans as presented, are nothing compared to the paint schemes, interior designs, and custom work of the homegrown ingenuity that formed the beginnings of the 70’s Truck-Ins and Van Happening Movements that swept across the country. Being a former Van Club President from back in those formative days, the ‘Real Classic Vans’ were those ‘early’ 1st & 2nd Generation series, i.e. those built on the '61 thru '70s cab-forward chassis designs of Chevy, Ford, 'n Dodge. Unfortunately, and 'tis a shame, none of those examples are/were represented.


Indeed I owned a 1963 Ford ex phone company van that I did some cool mods to and am surprised to see the interest in vans again but then, I’m a van guy and never could see the sense in a prickup that is pretty much useless for anything except giving away all your tools out of the back.


You can’t beat an old custom van for cool fun, here are mine , Gary