10 ways to own a classic for under $10k


If we all had the same taste in cars, we would all be driving the same car as our neighbors and nothing would be collectible. There are a lot of vehicles on this list that I would bet against being worth more in the future than you paid for them today, but that can be said for any vehicle. Buy what you like and enjoy it, that is the only real value you can place on a car, it’s not too often that you will come out ahead on a car when selling it anyway.


You could buy a BMW 850 on BAT the other day.


I wish I could find a truck that my father has a 1959 C30 Chevy Apache it was a wrecker at a Chevy dealer that was converted to a pickup. Someone had ordered a dual quad 409 like in the Beach Boys song at the dealer and could not pay for it. They stuck it in the 1959 Apache it had posi traction and a 4 speed just like in the song. It hauled our piggy back camper. That truck was a sleeper it would take any small block hot rod off the line for the first 50 feet with the camper on it. Busted a lot of ego’s. He also had a 66 GTO tri power with the power glide and factory AC would like to own that car now.


I will continue to take my American Motors 68 Ambassador and 69 Javelin to shows and be the center of attention. These cars are very under appreciated but seem continue to get more attention than the popular Ford & Chevy models of the era.


Don’t worry, wait 100 years and they will all be considered collectible.


Collectable is defined as an item valued and sought by collectors. Valued and sought is where some may have issues with any of the lists Hagerty produces. I find zero value and would never seek a later model Cadillac Fleetwood; but the fact that someone both values and seeks them make them collectable to that person. I think that’s one of the things that make this hobby great - I can appreciate a clean car that is over 20 years old. Something that has obviously been cared for and maintained. A car or truck that in any other circumstance would have ended up in the junkyard. I think as hobbyists we tend to associate the word collectable with valuable or the ability to attain something; whereas I tend to think of it in a much more holistic manner with “collectable” being a term that applies to anything that more than 1 person may want for more than it’s intrinsic value (more than the sum of its parts).


I guess collectable is in the eye of the beholder. That does increase the number of auto junkies which is a good thing. I do however think there is some merit to the theory that using the word collectable for any item drives up the price which hurts the junkies. Remember when farmers couldn’t wait until someone wanted to haul off that pile of rocks from their fields? Now you can haul them off for a price. They must be collectable.:slight_smile:


I’ve been in the insurance business for over 30 years and with all the data available today you can bet everything is fair game. You can get data to say whatever you need it to. More collectable vehicles, more valuable firearms, more valuable household antiques that used to be junk all drive up premiums. If it is valuable to the consumer to protect then it is valuable to the insurance industry. Everything and I mean everything is about the $.


@robert.l.williams As a Spider owner, I agree. Great car, affordable at several levels from horrible project to perfect, and fun to own. It’s great that we have an almost endless selection of affordable classics.

Our method for this list is the Hagerty Vehicle Rating and what cars are near the top. Right now that means a lot of trucks. Also the “hotness” can favor a car that wasn’t on anyone radar and is just now getting attention. The Alfa Spider has been a collector car for a while (and prices are stable). The Fleetwood, even if it doesn’t appeal to everyone, is just now waking up to collectibility - that means rising prices and a higher spot on the list, at least for now.


@jmpsak A friend of mine bought one of the BMW 850s on BaT. I’ll keep everyone posted on his first major service bill.


Well yeah that is the obvious observation and argument for anything like this list speaks of when compared to the cars you listed from the past that could be considered as collectible. But tell me this; what do you do to a massive example of the old timey SUV that makes it FUN or COOL to drive on a Sunday? You can’t and can argue tell your blue in the face. On the other hand you could have a 66-69 Nova that you can spend quality money on and have something worth owning long term that will sound good rune great and get you a hell of a lot better gas mileage too, and this goes for the Malibu’s, the Falcons etc. straight up the board. The ONLY car’s out there in the years you refer to that would be great to own and really fun to drive are ALL well up in price and those would still be a great value to 8 of the ones listed here and 95% of those you think will be collectible in 20-30 years; take my word for that cause I have lived this existence long enough to see these conversations several times over in the past 50 years!


Last spring tried to put a deposit down on the new Demon. Local Dodge dealers new nothing about the car or how to order one. Thus I dont have one. Yet there are smucks on Ebay who where allowed to purchase several and FLIP them online.
Because of Dodge allowing such things to happen, Im not the least bit interested in owning one now or in the future.


Great to see the BMW 325 Conv. on the list. I regained the love I had lost for BMW when they ended production the 2002 after 1976. I miss my 79’ F-150 but my 95 truck looks better and better as the years roll by.


Jeep A MAYBE but not the rest.


NOT a Chevy fan, but the suburban is the only one that would be worth anything anytime soon followed by the bronco. as for the ford trucks? there are still too many on the road to make the price jump


The fundamental problem is that after the Arab Oil Embargo of 1974 the automobile gradually became an appliance. The manufacturers stopped selling performance and appearance and concentrated on low price and gas mileage. The late 70’s and early 80’s saw a proliferation of nearly identical econoboxes, most of them painted white. Later on in the 80’s and 90’s the marketing switched to luxury cars, and SUVs. As others have pointed out, most collectors want the car that set their heart on fire when they were in high school, and there weren’t a lot of that kind of car made in the 80’s and 90’s. More importantly, we have raised a generation or two of people for whom cars are simply transportation. Not to mention that half the fun of a collector car is working on it yourself, and the further away from the 70’s we get the harder that becomes. And there is the general decline in collecting per se; whether it’s cars or stamps or coins or teapots, the under 50 generations just don’t seem interested.


the german cars on the lists are spot on…not only dependable head turners that will increase in value and at 28 plus mpg there great for any 500 mile weekend road trip…unlike the fords and gms on the list that were a risk at 500 miles when new


Leave it to a bunch of older collectors to turn their noses up at cars they don’t get. This just shows a clear gap (sad) between generations of enthusiasts. Before everyone knocks a 80s or 90s German car they know nothing about they should stop and think about the fact that some people who are typically younger are actually into those cars. Hence why hagerty put them on a list. And furthermore a lot of the cars these older guys consider great cars we younger collectors can’t be bothered with. I appreciate all cars for what they offer to who is interested in them. So why don’t we focus on how great the universal language of loving automobiles isn’t dead yet and seems like it’s moving into the future.


Since after the beginning of the article you seem to forget what paragraphs are, I deemed the rest of the post too annoying to read.


Jeez… list has some hits , couple of misses. Maybe everyone should have a red Camaro & be done with it. My disagreement is with the bricknose Broncos. Those things are just plain ugly…:wink: