10 ways to own a classic for under $10k


Guess that makes me uncommon. Or possibly unique. In the world of cookie cutter sameness, I’ll take that


Dad had the '70 Chevy Suburban when we were growing up. I loved riding around in that vehicle. It finally went to the junkyard around 1990 when the body was rusted out and the transmission died. A lot of good years of use. I owned an '83 F150 with the inline 300 motor. Great truck and super easy to work on. I still miss that truck. One of my friends has the Cadillac Fleetwood and loves it. He gets about 27 mpg with it on a road trip. I now have a 1969 Olds 98 Holiday Coupe in great shape. Gets lousy mileage but who cares? She is a great pleasure cruiser that I got for under $10k.


Yours probably looked like this…


Kreserman you are correct. These are very far from collector cars. Someone is just writing anything to fill space.


Seriously! This list looks like something from one of those bad used car lots in the South which says Bad Credit OK or We tote the Note. $10,000 really? This should have been published on April 1st.


I’d be interested in the Jeep - particularly if it had the F-head. There’s nothing else there that would interest me except the L1 engined Caddy (if I needed the engine for another project). Parts for Porsches are stupid expensive; the car would go above the ten grand mark really fast if it needed any factory parts


I’ve got a 1986 Porsche 944 and I still grin like a schoolboy playing hookey every time I drive it. It probably won’t ever be worth anything, but for less than $10K my 12-year-old self is thinking that my 43-year-old self is the man for buying the car I had on a poster on my wall in my youth.

I looked at Ferrari 308s, but I’m getting just as much enjoyment out of my sub $10k Porsche. Furthermore, since it was so inexpensive, I’m not afraid to drive the wheels off of it. (Not to mention, that the damn Italians have tiny little feet. Those 308’s are murder to drive for long periods for a tall guy with big feet like me.)

So, don’t listen to the whiners responding here. If you’re a car person, buy what you like and drive the crap out of it regardless of whether anyone else thinks it’s a “classic”. The only people I look down on aren’t the ones who buy an 80’s Bronco which I personally don’t give 2 craps about. Those people are fine with me. Each to his own. The ones I dislike are people who buy cars “as an investment” and never drive them. Now that’s deplorable. The joy in owning any automobile is in the driving of it.


That Suburban is DOPE! Would be an awesome summer camping trip rig… as long as you can afford to put gas in it!


I agree with many of the comments, particularly those advising us to buy the car we like rather than trying to fit somebody else’s taste! I bought a 1986 Chevy El Camino Conquista in March 1986 because I loved it completely! Well, I’m still driving that same “EC” 32+ years later and I still love it! It is still a stock beauty in my eyes, and it cleans up like a new car!