10-year Predictions


We’ve all seen the shady click-bait articles touting some obscure penny stock as the next Apple. Sure things rarely turn out to be sure things. That’s why we’re not sticking our neck out and predicting automotive sure things, but you could do worse than to invest in these five cars that were inextricably intertwined with ‘80s pop culture. Why? Because the Gen-Xers who grew up with such television landmarks as Magnum P.I. and movies like Back to the Future are going to hit their peak earning years in the next decade, and you know what they’re going to want. Time to grab a warehouse and start stockpiling these:

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Nice article. One note; the DeLorean’s model name is just “DMC” not “DMC-12”. If you’re interested in how this is true and why you should update your database, please contact me. Yes, I know the make is also just “DMC”, and yes that would make the make/model DMC/DMC, but that’s officially how the car was released. There is a lot of evidence available that proves this is true. In addition, industry experts who have done similar research that I have, such as Car and Driver and Hemmings Motor News, have also stated that they understand the true model name is just “DMC”.


The box on the window sticker labeled “Model” said “DE LOREAN”. The Owner’s Manual refers to the car as the “De Lorean.” On the muffler is stamped “DMC-12”. This is the only place on the car where that occurs.