100 years of Mitsubishi cars - Everything pre-2001, anyway


The Evolution is back, or so says Mitsubishi anyway. Triple-diamond fans were justifiably stunned by the revelation that the icon’s rebirth would not be some factory-homologation racing special, but an electric crossover. The beloved Eclipse, too, is being rebranded as a crossover. It just seems like there's not a lot for Mitsubishi enthusiasts to celebrate these days.

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I currently own a 1992 DSM Eagle Talon AWD Turbo and a 1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 Spyder. I have also owned a 1995 VR4 Spyder. The VR4’s are technological tour de force that were 10 years ahead of anyone else. Why they haven’t appreciated more is a mystery to me. The Talon is a good looking, small, affordable, potent, fun car that serves daily driving duties well and handles twisty roads with aplomb. It is a formula I wish Mitsubishi would revisit.