11 classic Japanese superbikes that are still affordable

From prewar Hendersons and Harleys to classic dirt bikes of the 1970s, the collector motorcycle market is hot and getting hotter. The market for Japanese superbikes is rising, and big power sport bikes from the late 1960s–early 2000s are quickly gaining popularity. Many have already reached big-bucks territory, but these machines were cranked out in large numbers, and there are still many significant big-bore bikes from Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha that can be bought cheap and enjoyed as they appreciate in value.

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How can you not include the Honda CBX 1000 supersport from 1979 to 1982. Six cylinder superbikes and rather rare

…not sure the Supersport can still be considered affordable.

No mention of the Honda GB500? Not a superbike, but fun and still affordable by these standards.

I agree with you, the GB500 is not a Classic superbike. A decent bike? Maybe. They attained cult status briefly sue to low sales for one year. There are other Hondas I could think of- VF1000R, or CB1100X. And of course agree with a previous post- the CBX. How about Suzuki’s GS1100? Yamaha’s FZR1000?

Another great bike the 82 katana 1000 and 1100. 82-83 gpz 1100 82 Honda cb1100 f

Why not the 2001 Suzuki GSXR 750cc/1000cc motorcycles? Superbike/s of the year & relatively low mileage examples exist @ $3 to $5,000 - first full street examples fuel injected road rockets.

Why not the 1978 Yamaha XS11? Not the best handling. but faster than a CBX, as reliable as a BMW and the genesis for all the big displacement Yamahas. Plus, it came with an auxiliary kick starter.