11 never-driven E34 BMW 5 Series revealed in Bulgarian “barn find”


Say you and your punk friends are looking for a sweet new clubhouse to mess around in, and you stumble into a warehouse in Bulgaria thinking this’ll finally be the place. But lo and behold, you’ve been beaten to the punch. By a weird collection of 11 old BMWs that were never driven and never registered. Tough break, kid.

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Well this story made the rounds of the internet quickly! I’m an E34 collector/driver and fanatic and would love to see these babies in person…But can only imagine how many various enthusiasts from Europe and beyond are all over this very weird situation.

Reading the translations on that FB Group group is hilarious. It is actually amazing how many people from all over the world are E34 lovers. The Facebook groups based in the USA are also full of Russians, Europeans, Middle Easterners, etc…You name it, they’re represented.

Great article!


As a former owner of a maroon red 525i like the one in the photo, I’d love to have one of these, especially the wagon. The E34 was a great car, groundbreaking for BMW and from an era before the invasion of plastic parts. Handsome and solid, and one of the best design language periods from Munich. As they aren’t worth all that much, I suspect only some of them will remain undriven.