12 band names inspired by cars

There’s nothing quite like the musical harmony of a finely tuned engine. Bonus: the song is instrumental, so you don’t have to learn any words. Perhaps looking for similar auditory perfection, countless musical groups have turned to the automotive industry for inspiration when naming their bands.

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Don’t forget Telsa, a classic from the early 90’s.


Don’t forget about my band… The Eldorados. We were just voted best band in Monterey County, CA.
Please check us out!

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Well, my first thought was The Beatles!

How about “Formula 409” cleaner. Or “Flexall 454”.

Amend that list! You completely skipped Trans Am, which is unforgivable. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Telsa, great song, by the Vultures ? Instermental…

Ronnie & the Daytonas

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POWERMAD! That’s gotta be from a gearhead, right?

How about the “Sonoramic Commandos”?

The Cars are my favorite band, but here’s a nod to psychedelic rock’s Tame Impala

Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels.

A few spring to mind, here in the UK. Not directly taking their names from a car, but expanding on the theme, how about…

Swervedriver, and Ride, were pretty popular over here, and still doing their thing.

Car Seat Headrest is a later band, from the US.

A Classic is Booker T and the MGs. How about Mike and the Mechanics? Or The Datsuns?

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The Cadillacs? Continentals?

Don’t forget THE EDSELS.

Showng my age - ‘The Fleetwoods’ (I’m Mister Blue)

Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids

Crash Test Dummies. Cars would be nowhere without them . . .

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How about"theFleetwoods"

Wait, what about Thin Lizzy, a corruption of Tin Lizzie or a Ford Model T?

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