12 cars that look like animals

Also not animal-related, but one of my favorite bumper stickers was on a Cube…
It read “You’ve Just Been Passed By A Toaster.”

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I wonder what animal my 964 chassis Turbo Coupe looks like when you are trying to catch up to it on a freeway?

From inside a state police car, your Porsche 964 would look like a frog’s butt, with a target painted on it.

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And you couldn’t be bothered to include a.pic of said animal? Sheesh. Try again please.

The vehicle is for real, like my 911 I don’t have a lot of technology to forward picture. Yet, as a collision shop owner who has fixed a number of law enforcement pursuit vehicle, is certified to drive those vehicles on public roadways, I have yet to drive 1 that feels as stable, or actual can reach the speed, as my car does at a 140 mph +. Photo to follow as soon as I can transfer.

Actually it is more like a 160+; but why bother with snibbling about minutiae?

When I started reading, I immediately thought of the Packard Hawk as a catfish. I didn’t think it would make this list especially when I saw the Daimler. My Dad often referred to our 1955 Studebaker’s disastrously plated snout, a term he had read in an early review.

Note to flatfloot_1: aren’t insects animals? They’re not vegetable or mineral.

Not on board with the Supra but the others were great and brought smiles.

When I look at the PT Cruiser, I see Mario. (The game console one, not Andretti.)

Wow, agree with the “slow news day” comment. Painful read.

And no mention of the 1991 XJ-S convertible? If ever a Jaguar looked like a cat…

I see your 160mph and raise you 5mph. Only with a Ferrari. :slightly_smiling_face: This is a frame grab from video taken by the co-pilot before top speed, so you’ll have to take my word on it.

WOW!! Really scrapping the bottom of the barrel, huh Hagerty?

Accords aren’t much better with their front ends either!
I grew up in the era of heavy chrome and I would have to say a good majority of those land barges all had some form of “facial” expression back then, many looking like they were ready a meal! Many were scary to a youngster!

For those old enough to remember early kids TV shows there was :Kukla, Fran and Ollie." Fran Allison was the human host.
Anyway, Ollie was a goofy, single front-toothed dragon; but Google them to get the picture. Then Google the big Acura sedan’s body refresh of about 5 years ago with that droopy chrome V for a grill.
There you have Ollie’s one tooth smile on display.

Always thought the Mk. 1 Audi TT, from the side, looked remarkably like a crouching hare about to leap.

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Good fun. Ignore the sourpusses, Hagerty. Although you have to wonder about people who will stick with an article all the way to end and then take the trouble to say nope, it wasn’t for them. A) it clearly was; and B) nobody cares.

Anyway, here’s a dog being sick.:Crossfire

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No C3 Corvette?

As far as the Scion Xb… I saw one in town today that said TRD Toaster Racing Development

Agreed that the article wasn’t great, but… “All species in the animal kingdom are also multicellular and the cells of the species in this kingdom have a nucleus but no chloroplasts or cell wall. Examples of species within the animal kingdom would include all mammals, reptiles, birds, insects, and more.”

I had a 2006 Hyundai Tiburon. Not only designed to look like a swimming shark, but named after it.