12 Japanese automobile manufacturers are famous over the years part1

  1. ACURA
    Honda pioneered the expansion of the Japanese market with luxury vehicles by introducing their subdivision named Acura in 1986. Most vehicles are based on Honda models, but feature trim. Better, more options and increased comfort.
    Not expanding globally but Lexus, Acura is mainly focusing on the North American market, producing most vehicles in the US and not officially represented in Japan.
    Daihatsu Motor Co. is Japan’s oldest car manufacturer, famous for producing compact and off-road models and commercial vehicles. However, it only entered the US market in 1987-1992, and withdrew from the European market in 2013. Today Daihatsu is owned by Toyota Group
  3. HONDA
    Honda Motor Company is one of the leaders in the motorcycle industry and produces internal combustion engines for other applications. Their first Honda S500 was born in 1963, having been successful in the motorcycle business for nearly two decades at that time. In 1972 the company’s best selling was the Civic. Honda pioneered the creation of luxury models, bringing the Acura brand to the US market in 1986. Together with Toyota, the company put its efforts into developing eco-friendly technologies and today most Models available with hybrid powertrain
  4. ISUZU
    Japan boasts a history of Isuzu. Isuzu today specializes in the production of transport vehicles and commercial diesel vehicles. ” However, they still offer pickups and SUVs in some markets.
  5. LEXUS
    Launched in 1989 as a response to the need to develop luxury cars, mostly in North America, Lexus is part of Toyota Motor Company. It is the most successful Japanese luxury brand, selling more than 500,000 vehicles per year.

All models except the North American version of the RX SUV are made in Japan. In the mid-2000s Toyota reorganized its key product development and parts to make the Lexus manufacturer the fourth largest luxury in the world and compete with other Japanese brands.
Founded in 1920 in Hiroshima just like Toyo Cork Kogyo, the company embarked on producing raiders and weapons for the Japanese military. In 1960, the first R360 car was introduced and continued to be a great success in the country. At the same time Mazda began developing the Wankel rotary engine in an attempt to stand out from other Japanese automakers.

However, shortly after the 1970 oil crisis, Mazda was on the verge of bankruptcy and had to focus on efficient universal fuel engines. From 1970 to 2010, the company partnered with Ford and developed a number of related models. Today Mazda Motor Corporation is known for its exciting, exciting automotive products sold under the slogan “Zoom-Zoom”.