12 offbeat off-roaders at the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum

Utah native Greg Miller turned his passion for exploration and his obsession with the Toyota Land Cruiser into a world-class museum. Founded in 2012, the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum started as a small collection of trucks housed next to the Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah, before it moved to a brick-walled warehouse in downtown Salt Lake City in 2015 to expand while reaching a wider audience.

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Very nice. Next time I’m in Salt Lake City I’ll hit this museum.
Jim, McPherson, KS 1974 FJ40

I worked out of SLC for years and never knew this was there. Damn, I would have gone. This looks so cool!

It’s hard to find as the entry was very non-descript when I went there a couple years ago. Also interesting was the Expeditions 7 vehicles. Overland expeditions sponsored by Larry Miller to 7 continents.

The article mentions that Greg Miller began the collection at Miller Motorsports Park just outside of Tooele, Utah. Tooele is a small town about 35 miles southwest of Salt Lake City. There’s another unlikely collection in Tooele. It’s one of the largest privately owned WWII military vehicle collection in the United States. Well over 100 vehicles and weapons including rare and one off tanks including a Churchill Tank and a 100 percent complete T-34 not to mention a few Hellcats and about a dozen Sherman Tanks. You can see some photos of the collection here - http://ipmsboise.org/gallery/IPMS%20SLC/Karl%20Smith%20armor%20collection/index.html.

The collection is privately owned by Karl Smith and it’s not open to the public, but occasionally he will offer access to veterans groups, etc. Here’s a video of a tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UCWxLZO-is.

Although Toyota Land Cruisers are not my thing (I am more of a Land Rover and IH truck guy), I have to be impressed by any collector who tracks down the first model of anything made or sold in the USA to add to his collection. Clearly, each and every truck in this collection has found a idea home!

You write that the Mitsubishi was “essentially a Jeep Willys.” That’s backwards. At that time, Jeeps were made by the Willys Overland company. Their 1951 military model was called the MC by the company and the M38 by the U.S. military. “Willys Jeep” would be correct.

4Runner owner here. There is some speculation that in 2022 or 2023 Toyota will unveil a stripped down Landcruiser/ Prado for the US market to replace the 4runner. I can’t imagine that’s true with the ancient by current standards 4runner still selling like crazy even though it’s largely unchanged since the current generation debuted in 2010 (not advanced at that time either…). Toyota- keep it off road-ish oriented, body on frame, lighten it up and streamline it a TAD, and make it slick and strong and technologically advanced! Then let it ride another 12 years selling like crazy. 6 speed stick option? Forget the turbo 4 too. Ahh, ok… I’m done.

In most languages around the world, the most important of the operative words comes last.

In English, the manufacturer comes first, followed by the model. One does not refer to a GTO as a “GTO Pontiac.”