13 cool classics at Monterey for $35K or less

Hot cars, odd cars, classic cars, rare cars, powerful cars, big cars, small cars, luxury cars, and—most definitely—expensive cars. That just about sums up Monterey Car Week. Except you can find some not-so-expensive cars there, too (and even some pickups) if you have patience, desire, and just the right budget.

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I could swear that all FIAT X1/9s and Bertone X1/9s had bodies manufactured by Bertone in Turin. What was unusual about this particular 1974 X1/9?

Call me silly, but I would prefer the Morris or the Crosley

Or both.

Probably would be just as tight a fit as my VW Caddy mk1.

I don’t see anything I would call cool here!

I was interested in the 1972 Gremlin until I clicked on Lot T44 and a picture gallery appeared. Unfortunately the pictures show a 258 six instead of a 304 V8. It also shows a 4.2 Litre decal on the back as opposed to 5.0 Litre/V8. This is a Dunham car, but his V8 car is a blue 1973 model with white stripes and Levis interior. Now that is the one I would be very interested in if it ever went to auction.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure cj1 is right. The only thing special about the X1/9 listed is the low mileage. Other than that, it is the same as any other. I like it, though. Had one back in the day.

Hagerty with its typical overpricing of cars. Would be surprised if any of these meet the 25 to 35 range. You could by a lot cooler cars for that price range.

@tahend- The estimates stated in the article are from the auction house who have consigned the vehicles. Hagerty did not weigh in on valuation of these vehicles in this article, but merely highlighted a smattering of cars from the Monterey auctions which had estimates on the more affordable end of the scale. The best part about an auction is some–or all–of these cars might go for prices lower than their estimates and still sell, which would be a lot of car for the money in a few cases.

Kyle, your about as thinned skinned as they come. Every time I have opinion that doesn’t praise Hagerty and their greatness you feel the need to send a note. I have a right to my opinion just like everyone else and I don’t get bent out of shape. Deal with it.

Tadd Hendricks

I love all these cars. They’re fun and funky. I would not want to foot the bill to keep many of them on the road though. Amazing what Toyota 4x4’s are going for. As my Mom used to say, some of these are “So ugly they’re cute!”.

That hurst olds looks sweet !!

I certainly don’t see any “classics” here…

Mmmm. Love that Bobcat!. Love that Bobcat!

C’mon folks, sing it with me… :heart_eyes_cat:

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That “Classic” Pinto–oops, Sorry, BOBCAT surely must ring the bell for someone!! And, best of all that Crosley wagon=has Daytona cruising(or Ocean City) all over it!! Gonna watch with popcorn, a Dr Pepper and a laugh track.

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I remember when that Honda first came out - people would laugh when one drove by - “a Honda CAR?!?” At that time Honda was know for the Honda 50, and other low priced motorcycles. And at one time the Toyota SR-5 pictured was so ubiquitous that it was virtually a generic vehicle.

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My mom had an 80 Ford Pinto Baby Blue. Bought it new. Had it till 87-88 when my brother got in an accident with me in the car. It was toast after that.

Kyle, fix the engine size for the Bobcat. It came with the venerable 2.3 Lima engine, not a 2.4. :upside_down_face:

@bryfry62 - Sharp eye. Update in the works now.

More like $3500 O.B.O. on Craigslist

And the RX7’s rotary engine displacement was 1146 CCs, not 1146 Cubic Inches.