13 epic engine flops


Every winter, the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation in Dearborn, Michigan, lifts hoods on 70 or so cars for a look at the most interesting engines in its collection. This year we picked a dozen or so concepts that failed to pass muster—designs which showed initial promise but ultimately ended up in history’s trash bin.

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I want to point out a few corrections:
1- The 1916 Woods Dual-Power Hybrid Coupe cannot be equipped with an AC motor, generating high current AC from batteries has not been viable before about year 2000s
2- the 1500cc V4 on the 1962 Mustang I generated not more than 60 horsepower, about half of claimed 109HP in the article.


Regarding the Chrysler Turbine; A 1964 movie called “The Lively Set” revolved around the Chrysler Turbine as a race car and I believe it was produced by Chrysler to gin up interest in the car. As a 14yr old I enjoyed it. Not sure if I would today but I found a DVD on Ebay and just might buy it.


I wouldn’t consider the Chrysler turbine engine a flop since numerous patents were secured by the project engineers that were utilized in other turbine applications.
Also some of the turbine experts remained with Chrysler and went on to work on other automotive projects.