13 epic engine flops


Every winter, the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation in Dearborn, Michigan, lifts hoods on 70 or so cars for a look at the most interesting engines in its collection. This year we picked a dozen or so concepts that failed to pass muster—designs which showed initial promise but ultimately ended up in history’s trash bin.

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I want to point out a few corrections:
1- The 1916 Woods Dual-Power Hybrid Coupe cannot be equipped with an AC motor, generating high current AC from batteries has not been viable before about year 2000s
2- the 1500cc V4 on the 1962 Mustang I generated not more than 60 horsepower, about half of claimed 109HP in the article.


Regarding the Chrysler Turbine; A 1964 movie called “The Lively Set” revolved around the Chrysler Turbine as a race car and I believe it was produced by Chrysler to gin up interest in the car. As a 14yr old I enjoyed it. Not sure if I would today but I found a DVD on Ebay and just might buy it.