13 of our favorite engines from SEMA 2018


The Annual SEMA show at the Las Vegas Convention Center brings in cars, trucks, and SUVs of all stripes. As wild and as flashy as many of the builds may be, they’d be paperweights if it weren’t for their engines. Here are our 13 favorites from day one of the show, and those were just within the show’s Central Hall, which is heavy on domestic performance and big on horsepower.

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I think it could be legitimately argued that Ford’s SOHC 427 is a cooler engine than the 429 Boss.


uhhhhhhhh.yup.nuff said


It’s a close one, but the 427 uses overhead cams, and we all know that’s just a fad.


Well, cars have been using them off and on since 1902 for SOHC designs and 1912 for DOHCs, so, yeah, I guess they’re just a fad, kind of like internal combustion…

Seriously, I’ve always wondered what would’ve happened if NASCAR hadn’t put their foot down in '65. Would GM have lifted their racing ban? And wouldn’t that have given us some wild engines if the various divisions had continued with their developmental work? Like Pontiac’s 3-valve SOHC 421, perhaps?


I love the March 1968 HOT ROD cover shot with GM’s experimental OHC Pontiac V-8 engines, I really wish those had made it to production.