16 cars named after famous racetracks


I think Aston Martin should be included here - Lionel Martin designed the original cars, but the “Aston” part refers to the hill-climb venue Aston Clinton - certainly as famous in England as many racing circuits!


I was hoping to see my 1949 Healey Silverstone in the list!


Bentley Bentayga Pikes Peak edition


How about the Chevrolet MonteCarlo?


Carrera means race it is not a racetrack, Panamera is a portmanteau.


How about the Pontiac Can Am?


Targa refers to the roof rather than the race: Targa = sheild or plate.


Pontiac was notorious for naming their cars after racing series.
Formula - It was a sub model of the Firebird and Fiero, but Formula 1, Formula V, Formula Whatever.
Trans Am - Another Race series
Grand Prix - A group of race series…
Grand Am - Is a Road Race series.
Firehawk - Technically a Pontiac, it was an SLP derivative, but there was Firehawk Series, but also tied to Firestone Tires.

Buick had the Grand National Which was in essence what is now the Monster Energy series.


Porsche Targa (Florio)
Sonoma (GM Pickup)
Ferrari Rossa Mugello
Chevy Monte Carlo
Chevy Monza (mid 70’s)


The Bentley Brooklands. Brooklands racetrack England.


Audi Avus
Maserati Kyalami

a motorcycle, not a car - Moto Guzzi Imola

and a race track named after a car model - AMG Raceway in South Korea


Alfa Romeo GTV6 Balocco


Look up Targa Floria…


Ford Torino Talladega …one of the most iconic race tracks…and a iconic classic car…i own a 1970 Ford Torino…with a 429 double pumper…the engine was rebuilt blue printed…and making about 73 horse power per cylinder…

all this was done back in 2004…only a few thousand miles have been put on the engine…i am still breaking it in slowly…


Can’t believe you missed the Audi TT!


OMG! Who pissed in your Wheaties?


Oh, puuuhleeeze!!!


Buick Grand National


How about an obscure one? The Saab 900S Talladega.


I used to drive at Laguna Seca. Of course, back then it was a dirt road at Fort Ord and my race car was a Jeep.