17 more Mustang concepts that never came to be


Few cars have changed the automotive industry as much as the Ford Mustang. It gave rise to the pony car class, a segment that never existed. It remains the segment leader today, despite any number of ups and downs in its development.

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The 70 Milano must be where Chrysler came up with the Challenger, or vice-versa. Up to the tail it has the lines of the Challenger.


YES! Thought the same thing as soon as I saw it. (Regarding the comment above that the Milano looks like the new Dodge/ Chrysler street machines)


That 4 door mustang may well have sold well. After all in 1964/5 there was not yet a Mustang mystique to upset by it. But it likely would have put quite a dent in Falcon sales - if not killed the Falcon, as they would have been in direct competition. It wasn’t so much building the 4 seat sedan that gutted the T-Bird mystique, and saved the Corvette, as it was not continuing to build the 2 seat roadster along side the sedan.


Sad that they didn’t go with a couple of these prototypes, especially the 1970 Milano concept. Even if they brought it out in today’s market it would be a success.


I was at the Henry Ford Museum and was excited to see the original Mustang concept I. I first saw it in a magazine article with Dan Gurney driving it. To know it still exists and to see it in person was a thrill. I wish Ford would have reconsidered it at some time later. It may have been ahead of its time but considering the Pontiac Fiero, the concept has proven to be sound.


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