1927 Chevrolet found in Lake Huron shipwreck


Ken Merryman is on a seemingly endless search for Great Lakes sunken treasure. And by treasure, we don’t mean the kind that makes him wealthy. In fact, Merryman thinks the most valuable item found aboard the recently discovered wreckage of the steamship Manasoo—a 1927 Chevrolet coupe—should probably stay right where it is.

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wonder if they can bring those cars up


“Easy Restoration” ( rusted parts will fall off in your hand without using “tools”. )

“Ran When Parked” ( No lie there! )

“All original & unrestored” ( It was nearly new when it sank to the bottom of the lake )

“In protected storage” (No one could find it or get to it for decades )


Hahaha! Love it. Super clever.


Article does not Indicate if Owner had an up to Date Appraisal and Hagerty Insurance with agreed Value Clause.Owners loss if He did not. LOL