1927 Stearns-Knight Model G Convertible Coupe


F.B. Stearns Company got its start in the basement of F.M. Stearns’ elegant home on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland. It was there that the wealthy Stearns had set up a well-equipped machine shop for his 17-year-old son Frank, who built a prototype six-horsepower single-cylinder car in 1896. Two years later Frank was joined in the business by brothers Ralph and Raymond Owen, with the operation having been moved to the barn where the first of about 50 “production” cars rolled out in December 1898, each with a single-cylinder 8-hp, two-cycle engine. By 1901, the Owen brothers had moved on to build their own cars, and F.B. Stearns was building cars equipped with four-cycle 10hp single-cylinder engines with a bore and stroke of 6.25x7.5 inches, considered the largest single-cylinder engine in America at the time.

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