1948 Ford F-1 - The Wrenchmen


She stomped on the brake pedal and it just went to the floor. Complete brake failure ruined one of Jill’s earliest experiences with the classic Ford truck she had just bought, and forced her to park it indefinitely. That’s where Hagerty’s Wrenchmen, Matt Lewis and Davin Reckow, stepped in. Along with a complete brake system replacement, they addressed the ’48 Ford F-1’s other “small” issues, and helped Jill get her family’s classic truck back to cruising.

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Interesting article as I always like a classic car article. I have always been a production car guy. I have a '47 Chevy FleetMaster almost original…( except for a electric fuel pump). I find whether it be brake problems, electrical relay, etc. it is always fun to find and fix the problem. As I always say "Keep Em Rolling.