1951 Ford F-1 - Jessica Ankney


Jessica Ankney was born with a wrench in her hand. OK, so maybe that isn’t entirely true, but she did get her hands dirty at an early age. “My dad raced a 1978 Chevy Malibu, and I remember helping him work on it – and by ‘work on it’ I mean I handed him tools and played in the garage. He has always had a love for cars, and I’m truly a daddy’s girl at heart, so we’ve shared that love of cars forever.” Jessica’s love for trucks came later, but it is no less powerful. The northern Michigan native dreamed of owning a 1951 Ford F-1, and when her boyfriend (now husband), Rodney, popped the question she told him she’d happily take a truck over a diamond ring. As it turned out, Jessica got both. They didn’t arrive simultaneously, but that’s another story

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