1956 California Plate Real Thing?


I found this under the seat of a truck I purchased. Is this the real thing or a knock-off?


@jkennett - It can be tough to authenticate a plate like yours. The colors are correct per California DMV website and it should measure 12" x 6" because the National standard plate size was established in 1956. If that original paint it has certainly held up pretty well!

The state website says any year of manufacture plate to be used would need to be authenticated by DMV officials. The DMV might be able to assist in authentication though you are not looking to register a vehicle to it yet.


In my state at least, prefixes beginning with an ‘X’ were reserved for trailers. Would sort of explain the single plate and…maybe, why only the lower holes were used.


Thanks for the info-I will contact Calf DMV and see if they can help.

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Thanks for the info-I will contact Calf. DMV and see if they can help.

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I checked with Calf-DMV and the plate is not assigned. Hence, I could use the plate on the truck, but I would have to register it in Calf. The sticker would be replaced by current year sticker.

They said I could find out history of ownership by filling out their form INF-70. Fee is $20.00