1956 Thunderbird Ignition Questions


Had to replace spark plug wires so while at it decided to buy a Pertronix flamethrower coil as the original style on the car was suspect. I kept existing points & condenser. Is that going to provide benefit of greater spark even though I didn’t convert points/condenser? And, do I need to keep the resistor?


@ssacamp - A hotter coil should provide your engine with a hotter spark, regardless of points vs. electronic ignition.

If the resistor you are mentioning is the one that controls voltage to the ignition on startup, it would be best to leave in place. Electronic ignition systems often remove or bypass it, but if the coil is your only change, there is no reason to remove it.

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If you retain the points you must keep the resistor, points are designed to operate between 5 and 9 volts only, if you run a full 12 volts you will burn out the points!

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