1957 Chevy 210 Signal/Brake lights

New to post on Hagerty. Here is the situation. Newly acquired 1957 210. Rear brake and signal lights/bulbs keep burning out in a matter of a few uses. Rear running lights never burn out. Front signal and dash indicators are ok. Using a test lamp after lamp burn outs on rear sockets shows current flow for brake lights and flashing current for blinkers. I am going to install new bulbs and test application of brake lights only… pushing the brake pedal several times and check the bulb. Then if no burn out, try the blinkers. I suspect the turning signal assembly in the steering column.

Do not want to spend a ton of money to do a restore of this car. It runs and drives great. As you can see, it has sat for a few decades. Any experience or suggestions would be appreciated.


Figured it out. The car had 6V bulbs. I was replacing them with 6V bulbs… hence the continuing malfunction. When I replaced the bulbs with the proper 12V bulbs, the bulbs operated correctly without malfunction!

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@jmilo53 - Interesting discovery and thanks for sharing the solution! Honestly, I was a bit stumped by your problem so I am happy to see it solved.