1957 Chevy Cameo Owned by Dale Robertson?


I recently purchased a 1957 Chevy Cameo that is rumored to have been owned by Dale Robertson who stared in Frontier Days and other shows. I sent the Vin number and copy of the “Red” 1958 License Plate Sticker to the California DMV.
They claim they have no record of it?

While this vehicle is not as famous as the “Bullitt” car, I believe it would be an interesting story if it proves to be true.
The truck has a lot of chrome (glove box, ash tray, vent covers, column bracket and vent brackets which are non-stock and adds credence to the rumor?

If you will help me confirm his ownership, I will send you the info I have on it and any pictures you may want.

Thanks in advance-John


Hi John,

It does sound like an interesting truck, and perhaps owner history as well. It is true the California DMV has long ago purged those records. Unfortunately the kind of help you’ll need is not something I can offer through this forum. I’d suggest you keep plugging away at finding any early ownership history on your own, and there are a number of “car sleuths” you can likely hire to assist- but be forewarned these searches can cost much and yield little in the end.

Best of luck in connecting the dots on this one, and if you do prove it was Robertson’s truck please let us know. It may be something we’d want to feature!




I found this tag under the seat of the unit.

Is this the real thing or a knock-off?


I checked with Calf-DMV and the plate is not assigned. Hence, I could use the plate on the truck, but I would have to register it in Calf. The sticker would be replaced by current year sticker.

They said I could find out history of ownership by filling out their form INF-70. Fee is $20.00.

Its worth a try!