1957 Ford Skyliner Retractible Hardtop Convertibles

The ingenuity and engineering on the '57, '58 & Fords are so unique! I have one with a Continental Kit and Cruiser skirts on the rear and love it!

I wondered if other owners and or buyer/sellers had a special place for their postings or gatherings? I think it would be awesome to take it for a drive and meet and see other awesome autos!!!

Will have further up questions, but feel free to share. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks

My stepmother’s first husband had a 56 T Bird with the hard top convertible option.

I’ve always wondered if hard top convertibles are worth more than their soft-top counterparts, indeed; I put in a forum question about this, but I believe people equated it to whether or not a convertible is worth more than a comparable sedan instead of the distinction I was trying to make between a hard-top convertible and a soft-top convertible.

Would love to see picture of your skyliner. If you pester me enough, I may be able to scan a picture of that silver 56 t bird.