1962 Buick Skylark


I need a dip stick and the tube the stick goes in. Anyone?


@62BeachBuick - It might be worth some additional research, but my understanding is the 215ci Buick engine that is standard in those Skylarks does not have a dipstick tube. There is a dipstick but it sets directly into the engine block.

A couple online resources show the stick measures 11 inches from the cap to the full mark so it might be possible to fabricate one fairly easily, depending on your (or your mechanics) skillset.


Wow! Thank You! That is the last thing i would have thunk! Fabricating it is. You might know the answer to my next question…It is an A body, yes? So then, when GM started changing and assigning other letters, the "62 Skylark could also be a Y?

My brother has restored a few cars, but this is his first Buick. He gave me a funny look when I drug him along to buy her, but now he loves “Ruby” (for her red interior). I have learned quite a lot about this car after purchasing it…Thank goodness it has mostly all its original parts, 'cux finding them is proving more difficult than any other restore. Yay for forums! Next mission - weather stripping! I looked at Steele rubber and by the time i filled my cart…it was dang near half of what I paid for the car! I’ve been looking at other options. BUT, I did score the elusive clock :). Thanks again, very much!



No it is not an “A” body as those didn’t start until 64. The skylark was an “A” body beginning in 64 along with the Lemans/ Tempest the Chevelle and the F85/ Cutlass. In 62 the Skylark was a “Y” body again with the Lemans/ Tempest the F85/ Cutlass. The “Y” bodies were smaller than the “A” bodies. Chevy did not have a “Y” body as the Chevy II/ Nova in 62 was an “X” body.


AGAIN, thank you very much. I read an article yesterday that I swear said the opposite, or maybe even read as if it could be one or the other. I super appreciate your information very much. Matter of a fact, I think it was a Hagerty article?! No fabricating a dipstick for this chick… I found one for sale online! My little bro says, “thanks”, cuz really he does all the work. I’m just the parts finder and question asker! You have made my duties easy!


Just an update for you… Took care of those tasks and again, want to Thank You.