1964 1/2 or 1965 Mustang convertible

I am searching for my parents’ old car. My dad sold it to a collector in the early 1980s. The only thing I know about the collector is he lived in the Texas hill country and had an extensive car collection. Can anyone suggest how I can start looking for this car? The only information I have about the car is:

1964 1/2 or 1965 Mustang convertible
White top, white vinyl interior
Olive green exterior - I think the name is Honey Gold Poly
Bought in St. Louis, MO and sold in Houston, TX
Robert Otto Dethloff - original owner

A vin number might help you in your search. They don’t have any old registration or insurance papers for it, do they?

I wish I had the VIN. Unfortunately all the paperwork is gone.

Not even an old license plate # from the car?

With that, you may be able to find the vin from your local bmv, or at least maybe their headquarters in your capital city…


Nope, the car was sold more than 35 years ago and there have been several moves since then. I am hoping the collector, or someone that knows some Texas collectors, will know something. It’s a long shot for sure.

I did find out that the car collector is in Salado, TX.