1964-1967 El Caminos are on the rise


Australians know a good pickup/car hybrid when they see one, but America has had a rocky relationship with utes. Dodge dabbled with the Rampage, Subaru gave us the Brat and the Baja, and Ford gave us 23 years of the Ranchero, but the longest-lasting of them in the U.S. market was Chevrolet’s El Camino (Spanish for The Camino).

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Spanish for “The Camino”??? Did you mean to say The Road? or The Highway?


It’s an old Saturday night live reference from when Chris Farley was pretending to be el nino on the weather channel.

youtube search Chris Farley el nino. It’s a classic


You guys sound like Gringos from Michigan. Other than that, El Caminos are an interesting collector with great parts support.


It’s a joke, in the vein of the SNL sketch that @ANDREW.LOMBARD55 mentions.


I graduated from HS in June 65. I had a nice Chevy 4d Sport Hardtop with a little pizzazz. I was driving by Braley dodge and spotted a bright red 64 Elco with 4 speed, buckets, console, duals and it was fast just sitting there.

I bought it incurring payments at 17. I kept it around 9 months. I could not keep my foot off the gas. I went thru three clutches and sets of tires a ticket or two. Getting to 70 in 1st, 90 in 2d and 120 to get to 4th was a thrill but in my gray matter now, very stupid.

I switched to a more docile 63 Impala. I always regretted selling the 56 because it was paid for.I bought a new 67 Cougar one year later and when drafted three months later I had to sell my car so I walked for a long time. Just last month I bought a 56 Sport Sedan, sold my 86 elco and am keeping my 85 elco. Selling an 85 Olds Cutlass and another 67 Cougar XR7 to make room and to downsize at 71.


There’s only 1 El Camino. The 59. And it’s a misdemeanor to leave it stock, right? Set the stance to get the roof level, add OEM style chrome wheels with about a 3" whitewall, Any Chevy engine besides a modern LS, "period interior. Ok, maybe there’s another El Camino, a 68 SS big block variant, said BBC to be changed to a 427. Well ok there’s the 69 too. Crap, I can’t leave the baddest of bad out. An LS6 equipped 70. Oh yeah, El Caminos rock. Yes, I know this gig was about the returning variants from 64-7 but I just had to, ya know? A 59 is on my “keeper” list and I’m always looking for the right one. Some day, soon, I hope…


I have two El Caminos, a 71 GMC Sprint SP454 and a 72 SS454. Nothing like a muscle car that hauls ass and can haul all your swap meet treasures.


My Dad bought a new 1965 El Camino and after he passed away in 1978, my Mom gave it to me. I drove the car for years as stock but in 2010, decided to semi-restore it. Painted it 1998 Bright Teal, base coat/clear Coat, changed interior to bucket seats and all black reproduction seats, door panels, headliner, etc.
Installed a new GM long block crate motor, added front disc power assist brakes, power steering and really enjoy the car. Probably should change the 3-speed column to automatic but since it’s just a fun car, decided it’s fine.

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My 1967 El Camino is well set up and will outhandle my BMW and it has a better ride. When these vehicles are done right, you can’t find a more pleasurable drive. Grab one while they’re still affordable.
Route 66 is next.


Beautiful El Camino. Please dont turn it into an automatic. If anything, put a 4 speed in it
Never let that beauty go.