1965-66 Mustang Bumper


I have a 65. The water, as you know, runs off the hood and produces a worn spot on the bumper. This wears off the chrome. Any suggestions as to what I can cover this spot with to stop this?


@alanbabey - That’s an interesting issue for sure. I have not personally heard of instances where water from the hood caused loss of the chrome on the bumper.

It is a reproduction or re-plated bumper? Do you have problem water in your area?


This has happened to every bumper I have had. The water runs to each side
until it gets to the small channel on each side of the hood. It then runs
off the front and always hits the bumper in the same place, about a foot
from the side of the car. I don’t know if reproduction or re-plated
bumper, I just know this happens all the time. I can’t believe you have
never seen this. I have had Mustangs since 1968 and all the 1965’s do
this. I can send pics if you want.


Is this from washing your car on a regular basis? Seems alarming that it would happen in what sounds like a short amount of time. I have heard of this but mostly on cars that see the elements on a regular basis or are stored outside. No judgement, but that your situation? My only thought would be to see if a body shop can figure out if there is an alternate method of draining off water since it sounds like an inherent problem of early Mustangs. Otherwise, my best guess it might be a continuous problem until exposure to water could be minimized.


Thank you, the old bumpers which I am replacing, have these spots on them.
I don’t want the new ones I am putting on to have the same problem.


Oh! Now that makes sense. My 69 Pontiac has the same spots on the rear bumper. I just plan to re chrome it and cross my fingers. My assumption is that it originated when it was a daily driver and probably won’t be an issue given it rarely sees water other than a weekly washing.


@alanbabey - That clarifies it a little more, sorry for the confusion on my part. I had incorrectly thought this was a problem that was occurring over a short time.

I would go with a quality re-chrome and it should last many years. Unless there is high particulate and acid in the water running off the hood, which would have an effect for sure.