1965 Pontiac GTO - Original Owner


The car bug bit me at a young age.

I was 15 years old living in St. Louis Missouri. My first car was a 1951 Plymouth two door that my uncle sold to me for $5, with the understanding that I would fix it up. I worked on it day and night, putting my resources into the engine the interior, and finally due to lack of funds I gave it my own paint job. Now don't laugh, but I painted that car with a brush and household paint roller and it actually didn’t look all that bad. But that didn't matter; what was important was that I had a 1951 Plymouth of my very own.

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LUCKY MAN !..In 1977 Mt first was a bondo buggy 4 dr, 6 cyl chevy impala hardtop…ALL things i DID NOT want…fast forward to 1997, bought a drop top 64 lemans, auto, 326 V-8 with console chrome ball auto shifter for ‘cool’ factor!..just as rusty as the ole impala, but now I had MONEY!..I just RECENTLY found out mine is painted a customer picked color: you guessed it…CHEVY color, Bahama Green Metallic…prob only one with this color as only 700 Chevelles ever got this color off the same line in 1963 Nov…Awesome story of yours…if in Chelmsford Mass area, come to cruise nights at the Drumhill BurgerKing every Weds nite during season!..Good bunch guys and cars!!