1966 Mustang Convertible - possible K code

Hello- I have a chance to purchase a 66 Mustang that has been sitting for a few years. I’m told the vin indicates it’s a K code car. Besides the vin tag, how else can I check to verify this is indeed a K code car? That said, would $7500-10,000 be in the ball park for a marginally average car?



@richard.r.boes - Here is a good writeup on ensuring the engine is indeed a K-code 289- http://www.onlymustangfords.com/k-code-engine-identification.html

And looking at the Hagerty Valuation Tool a price below $10k seems like quite the bargain for a true K-code in any condition.

I agree. That is a great verfication tool. Here’s another link for a mustang door/data plate decoder:http://www.mustangdecoder.com/decoder.html

There used to be one that you could plug in the info, and it would instantly give you the info. I did it on my '68 Cougar. That price seems awful low for a K code car, but stranger things have happened. I lucked up on both my '68 COugar and my '65 Galaxie.The Galaxie was the real bargain. 45,000 actual miles original drivetrain, interior, reclinging passeneger bucket, console, etc. and I got her for $6000. Keep in mind that a '65 Galaxie 500xl with a small block isn’t going to command as high of a price as a K-code mustang.

So you may be on to a deal. I hope so. Let us know who it goes. The HIPO 289 had screw in sstuds and guideplates (but that can be done on the non hipo heads so look for a 19,20, or 21 emboosed on the leading edge of the head casting). The harmonic balancer was thicker on the hipo unit (again something that could have been changed out).

Those are a couple of quickie references,but unfortunately are also things that can be changed out to make a non KCode 289 appear to be a true K-Code engine.

Check out the link that Kyle sent you. And hopefully someone who has a K code car that they can reference for you will chime in.


Thanks for the feedback. I will look at the car, take pics, and post them. The car belonged to my brothers (ex) father-in-law. He liked older cars but knew very little about them. He passed away a few years back and left the car to his only daughter (my brother’s ex) who doesn’t have the resources to get the car back to a good condition. She did turn down a $7500 offer 9 months ago but I don’t think she’s got knowledge of what the car is.