1967 Camaro RS Convertible


I would like to change the steering box to a more modern feeling one. There are various ratios available. Could anybody recommend the best ratio to go with? Thanks!


I typically lean toward one step faster than stock. The radical quick boxes are for the racers.

However, remember that as the speed goes up on those steering boxes, so does effort. If not power steering (or even if it is) just something ot be careful about.


Thanks so much Kyle, great information. My stock power steering spins so easy, and takes forever for a reaction, I would welcome a little resistance and hopefully road feel feedback!


I would agree with @Kyle. A slightly better than stock ratio (I believe 17:1 is stock in your car, so you have a lot of room to improve) would be a vast improvement. Pair that with the Guldstrand mod and some decent sway bars, I think you’ll have a decent handling car, for a 1st gen F-body without dropping thousands of dollars on a-arms, spindles, etc. Here are a couple good articles. One highlighting steering box swaps and another on the Guldstrand mod.


Thank You!