1967 Camaro sheet metal


I have a 1967 Camaro convertible and it will be the first project replacing sheet metal. I have heard good things about AMD but I saw Goodmark is a little cheaper. Some people online say they are all the same and nothing fits anyway. What can some of you experienced guys tell me? I would like to know if Goodmark is a better value or if AMD is the way to go.

I have also heard of a website that does Camaro parts called heartbeatcitycamaro.com. They have sheet metal too and the prices look pretty good. They also have where I can order all the metal for the front of the car in one package. I have no idea what brand metal they sell in their packages. Have any of you used them?

I need almost everything for the car so I want to get the best panels I can. I know original is the way to go but good originals are hard to find here in Minnesota. I may end up finding original doors and front clip but I sill need new quarters and rockers.


AMD’s stuff fits ok and prices are reasonable, Goodmark’s stuff is crap, I’ve tried their stuff three times and it didn’t fit worth a crap and was poor quality. The best is Dynacorn, they are pricey but you get what you pay for. The best supplier for Camaro parts that I have found is Classic Industries. Good luck on your project!


Replacement sheet metal is hit or miss. I’ve had decent luck with OEM components (from Classic Industries). I just replaced every piece of sheet metal on my 67 convertivble except for the rear taillight panel. The #1 thing you have to do is inspect the heck out of the part before accepting it. I live proximate to Classic Industries and I did quite a bit of cherry picking. Two items that are key to inspections:

  • For hood, lay it on flat surfaced and see that all 4 corners touch the ground. (I accepted a potatoe chip 2-in cowl hood. My bad.
  • For doors, ensure the window channel is uniform distance for length of door. I had to return one (and cherry pick the replacement) because it was a tapir fit and that ends up with a crappy replacement.
    good luck, Scott


Thanks for the tips.

I pretty much have to replace everything on my car too but unfortunately I can’t live anywhere close to a place that sells these parts. I ended up ordering my first 3 panels this week. I went with AMD for the full floor pan because the online reviews were good. The other parts I got so far are both complete rocker assemblies, not just inner or outer panels but the whole assembly together. I did end up with the goodmark parts for those. I guess we will see what happens there.

I am going to try and find original doors and trunk lid if possible but it could be tough. I will still need the dash top and quarters aftermarket though.