1967 camaro starting issues


I have my very first car a 1967 camaro that i bought from my cousin with about 2000 miles on it in 1969 , he went into the service and mom wanted it out of the garage, so at 16 i bought it ,so the story begins after getting married and having a family ,seeing them get married and after 35 years I retired from work ,i’m restoring it after 43 years of sitting in a garage , my problem is it won’t start consistently. I have replaced every i can see from grounds to electrical components and carburetor, three things start a car gas, electricity, compression and i have all three . one day it will start , next it won’t , next day it will run and miss cylinders backfiring . Im a licensed mechanic whose is at his wits end , when the beast runs it runs perfect .Iv’e read many forums about these type of problems in older gm vehicles , yet after replacing everything except the wiring harness which looks very good (note iv’e looked at and checked every electrical connection and ground and cleaned them up ) the problem will not go away , any one out there have suggestions?


Interesting problem.

Have you put a timing light to it? Sounds to me like something is off with the timing if it runs good at times and then is backfiring at others. If it the timing appears to “hunt,” might be a worn distributor.


Have you tested for power to the coil while the starter is engaged? There may be something going on with your ignition switch itself in the dash.


Just ordered a new hei distributor and just installed a new ignition switch


Dear Mr. C definitely a timing problem. If it has points/ condenser and the original distributor change points and condenser set point gap with dwell at 30 degrees or old school way use a matchbook cover which I think is 16 thousandths thick. check wiring on cap, for proper firing order and fire it! then fine tune it with a timing light!


If you still have issues write back we’ll get you going! just have some patients.