1967 Cougar XR7 or GT?


Ok car guru’s, I need help with information on a 1967 Cougar… The car has been in our family since 1980. The title lists this car as an XR7. Here lies the issue…it has a 390cid paired with a C-6 automatic. When I try to look this car up, I am unable to find any information about the 390 motor being available for this sub model. It only lists a 289cid available for the XR7 in 67’ either with a 2bbl or 4bbl, not a 390. If this is the original motor to the car, this would make it the much more rare Cougar GT which only 7,400 were made and even less with the automatic transmission. It does not have a hood scoop as the GT’s did. I do not see any badges on the car whatsoever, inside or out! I do not have access to the VIN at the time of this post, but I am going to go look at the car this weekend… Does anyone know what I need to look for in either the VIN or the car itself to positively ID the true sub model? Thanks in advance…


@wild_man28 - You might be able to compare the build date of the Cougar with the engine stampings to possibly narrow down if it is the original engine.

I also found this handy VIN decoder from FordMercuryCougarXR7.com (but I bet this is one you have seen). Might be worth a look or second look before going to look at the car.


Thank you Kyle, the VIN decoder link you posted I had not seen before… I’ll post an update on my findings. I saw on one site that the “s” code is what I’m looking for, (GT) model. If it turns out this car is an all original 67’ GT…it’s worth some serious dough!